About Zent Technologies

In 2004 Solis Inc. created the subsidiary Zent Technologies to establish a multi faceted eyeglass and sunglass repair and modification facility in the Ophthalmic industry. Zent was assembled to house the latest technology accompanied with over seventy years of combined experience that includes Certified Opticians, Lab Technicians and Computer Technicians. The goal was to combine the latest technology, experienced Technicians and devoted customer service creating a dynamic environment that will produce unparalleled product and service. Our Technicians are highly skilled, understand the fundamentals and characteristics of raw materials and through experience have derived techniques and methods within the art of repairing and modifying eyeglasses. Zent not only displays its attention to detail with its finished work, but Zent also employs computer technicians that are constantly seeking methods, programs and software to help expedite orders and market our clients via the internet and other means available.

Zent Technologies uses the latest technology, which includes laser welding and electrical fusing. Through years of research and development, Zent has created the perfect environment that can fix any eyeglasses or sunglasses that are physically repairable, including titanium. Not only can Zent fix or modify practically any pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses with its technology and methods used, but the repairs and modifications are virtually unnoticeable. Zent houses a sophisticated facility that consistently strives to be an industry leader by bringing the best product and service available to all of our clients and patients. Feel free to navigate through our website, or contact our office with any questions or quandaries. Click here for our contact information.