Nose Pad Arms Inserts

Nose pads arm inserts, also known as Racker arms, accommodate patients that need help to support plastic frames in a comfortable position. Nose pad arms installed on plastic frames also help patients with low or no nose bridges. Oakley created a brand extension with certain plastic frames that include adjustable nose pad arms, which are referred to as "Asian Fit". There are two different techniques used to apply the nose pad inserts: Fused and pressure (see descriptions below). Both methods are effective and comparable when executed correctly.


Frame is measured and marked for position and then heat is applied to premade nosed pad arm. When the metal pad arm is hot enough the nose pad arm is embedded into the plastic frame fusing the plastic to the metal


Frame is marked and marked for position. Frame is then drilled out with precisely gauged drill bits, which allow just enough room for nose pad arm to be pressed in with proper tools

Comfort and necessity are a key factor when it comes to eyewear. Now if you consider fashion and special needs some eyeglasses and/or sunglasses may have to be modified to accommodate some personal needs and/or preferences creating a comfortable eyewear. Below are some categories, which describe the details of each respective modification