Soldering & Welding of Eyewear

Soldering is the oldest sophisticated manner of repairing eyeglasses. It is also the most evolved and used technique of repairing eyeglasses and sunglasses. One of the earliest forms of soldering was performed with a glass container (containing a combustible fluid usually alcohol) a stem feeding a wick. Once lit this unit would be brought upon the eyeglass frame, which was set on a brick pre-set with flux and solder alloy. At this point a straw would be used to blow through the flame creating a torch like effect creating enough heat to melt the solder alloy. This technique would usually require a patient skilled craftsman to successfully execute the process

Since the first effective method of soldering eyeglasses, technology and witty engineering have paved the way for the methods listed below (click on links for further details):

Electrical Soldering

Electric soldering systems are powered with a heat source provided by an electrical current. An electric soldering unit consists of a base providing heat source, a carbon stand with tapered carbon, an alligator clip and a pedal to control the heat source. This unit can produce up to...

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Torch Soldering

There are several different torches that can be used. The most common for eyeglass repairs are The little torche(aka. Jewelers torch) and the Butane soldering torch. The little torch is fueled by oxygen and propane or acetylene and requires gas hoses and regulators

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Argon Welding for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

This set up includes a microscope base, a stem that holds replaceable electrodes, argon gas regulators, argon gas tank and base unit that produces a spot weld. The argon welder can weld titanium frames because of the argon gas that creates a clean oxygen free surface to weld...

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Laser Welding for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

The laser system is composed of base unit that has an interior chamber which is viewed through a microscope to accommodate the precise detail of the laser disbursement. An argon tank is a peripheral attachment that is channeled through the unit to create a clean surface...

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