Cable Temples

Cable temples are a viable solution for someone looking for a comfortable way to secure a set of eyeglasses to their face. Cable temples tips are usually recommended for active kids and/or adults. Another common recommendation is for patients with severe prescriptions and/or glass lens wearers. Severe Prescriptions and most glass lenses are both factors which create a "front-heavy" set of eyeglasses. "Front-heavy" sets of eyeglasses tend to constantly slide down the patients nose due to basic gravitational pull.

All patients are unique in individual measurements. For best results, the frames desired to be converted to cable temple tips should be individually measured on each patient. Frames are usually marked at the point where the frame begins to go over the ear. Below are images of an after market cable temple tip conversion (before/after).

Comfort and necessity are a key factor when it comes to eyewear. Now if you consider fashion and special needs some eyeglasses and/or sunglasses may have to be modified to accommodate some personal needs and/or preferences creating a comfortable eyewear. Below are some categories, which describe the details of each respective modification