Laser Welder

The laser system is composed of a base unit that has an interior chamber which is viewed through a microscope to accommodate the precise detail of the laser disbursement. An argon tank is a peripheral attachment that is channeled through the unit to create a clean surface for certain metals. This unit is the most precise method offering the least heat disbursed form of joining metals and repairing just about any metal eyeglass and sunglass frame on the market. Its precise characteristics create the cleanest and least noticeable weld available. Along with its virtually seamless result, it is the most expensive unit available to repair eyewear hence the cost is usually relayed to the consumer, but worth the money if quality is sought.

Now lets take a step back and begin by noting that the acronym for LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Since the evolution of the laser in the 1960's in which it was phrased as a solution without a problemï, the laser has resolved many problems in many industries. This unit is the most precise and arguably one of the most durable ways to repair small multi-metal alloys. The most notable fact of this system is that this unit can weld virtually any of the metals used to create eyeglasses and sunglasses including exotic and flex metals (titanium, beryllium, nickel and alloys alike).

Some of the first repairs served a functional purpose and were very noticeable. Through the years technology has developed many methods and techniques of soldering and welding to repair eyeglasses and sunglasses. Below are other methods and technology available that offer everything from functional solders on basic metal frames to virtually unnoticeable meticulous welds on practically any metal frame including titanium.