Broken Screws and Eyewear

There are many methods to remedy a broken screw in an eyewire barrel. One of the most common is the Staking Press/Rivet Punch and gizmos engineered to use the same concept of leverage. However, all broken screws are unique to the cause of breakage. Another method used to remove a stubborn screw is drilling. This technique can be done with a press, free-hand and with other guiding gizmos offered in the industry, but all should use a touch of drilling oil on the point of drilling to facilitate job and preserve drill bits

After the screw is extruded a tap is used to re-thread the barrel and then a proper sized screw in accordance to the tap size is applied. For the most part this repair seems to be easy, but can easily turn into a nightmare if the barrel breaks on a stubborn screw so it is important to analyze, prepare and pick the proper method considering the type of screw breakage.

Staking Press/Rivet Punch

This system consists of a base that emphasizes leverage to produce a stable downward force creating the ability to produce an array of pressure based repairs.

This precise downward centripetal force serves the purpose of punching out screws and rivets etc. It also is used to seal rivets and mark frames and lenses with custom punches.

Some of the first repairs served a functional purpose and were very noticeable. Through the years technology has developed many methods and techniques of soldering and welding to repair eyeglasses and sunglasses. Below are other methods and technology available that offer everything from functional solders on basic metal frames to virtually unnoticeable meticulous welds on practically any metal frame including titanium.