Argon Welder

This set up includes a microscope base, a stem that holds replaceable electrodes, argon gas regulators, argon gas tank and base unit that produces a spot weld.

This unit opens the doors to work with metal frames that the traditional electric and torch systems cannot work with. The argon welder can weld titanium frames because of the argon gas that creates a clean oxygen free surface to weld. The piece being welded must be attached by alligator clips to the base to create a contact. The unit then creates a pulse that is distributed through the electrode stem, which is self activated upon contact to the electrode. When done correctly this unit creates a strong weld. There has been some consistency issues with the durability of welds with this unit at times.

Some of the first repairs served a functional purpose and were very noticeable. Through the years technology has developed many methods and techniques of soldering and welding to repair eyeglasses and sunglasses. Below are other methods and technology available that offer everything from functional solders on basic metal frames to virtually unnoticeable meticulous welds on practically any metal frame including titanium.