History and Evolution of Eyewear

Since the invention of eyeglasses circa 1284 credited to Salvino D�Armante, eyeglasses have been refined through the years headed by functionality and fashion. With this push for the latest and greatest in eyewear, new materials and methods have evolved with the production process. Below are some methods used and a brief explanation when facing the different engineering factors of the different compositions of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Evolution of Eyewear Frames

According to the first set of eyeglasses accredited to Salvino D'Armante, the first material used appears to have been metal. However, creative engineering and fashion have made room for an array of materials and furthermore classified types of eyewear consisting of metal frames, plastic frames, rimless frames and rimlon frames

Rimlon - Also referred to as semi-rimless

► Partially framed above or below the lens with the opposite frameless potion of the lens being held by a thin nylon string
► Most often framed on top portion of lens with a frameless bottom
► Are represented in both plastic and metal frames
► Lighter than a complete frames

Rimless (also referred to as three piece)

► Light weight
► Titanium commonly used, but all metals and resistant plastics are subject for use
► Initially introduced with a screw-washer-bolt lock method
► Two prong plastic pressure rivet
► Single prong plastic pressure rivet with a position placement stem to avoid axis movement

Metal Alloys in Eyeglass and Sunglass Frames

There is a wide range in functionality and innovative purpose allowed within the metals used for eyeglasses and sunglasses. Through the years the evolution of metals has evolved to serve many purposes, which include anti-allergic, flexible alloys and many

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Plastics in Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Some plastics may become crystallized and brittle with time and extreme elements. For the most part plastic materials may be used as an alternative to most metals as an anti-allergic material. A comfort level is also a notable characteristic of plastic frames; especially

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