Fusing of Plastic Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Fusing is most commonly referenced to plastic frames. Fusing literally refers to combing or joining two pieces by melting together. Early on repairs requiring fusing were done by heating the metal hinge, brace etcetera with a torch and then fusing it into the desired place in the plastic frame. Since then technology has produced equipment like the fusing tongs below to ease the process.

Fusing Tongs

This system is composed of a base that electrically produces heat reaching temperatures suffice to melt most plastics. The base feeds a pair of tongs which distribute the heat that is controlled by a pedal

This unit can replace most hinges from plastic frames and conduct other repairs, primarily manufactured of acetate plastic. It also maybe used to place a metal bridge within a broken nose bridge of a plastic frame; this repair is often used as a temporary remedy. It is key to note that there are several types of plastics used to produce eyeglasses and sunglasses that do not accommodate fusing easily (nylon, optyl etc.). A skilled craftsman can possibly fix some of these repairs, but they should be treated as a temporary repair. However, these plastics are known to be more durable hence additionally resistant to breakage and should be reference to any type of manufacture warranty

Some of the first repairs served a functional purpose and were very noticeable. Through the years technology has developed many methods and techniques of soldering and welding to repair eyeglasses and sunglasses. Below are other methods and technology available that offer everything from functional solders on basic metal frames to virtually unnoticeable meticulous welds on practically any metal frame including titanium.