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Professional Eyewear Repairs and Modifications

Our passion is the engineering of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Understanding the fundamentals of prescription eyewear is vital to executing new techniques and methods of eyewear repairs and modifications. At Zent technologies, we feel that by understanding the concept of ophthalmic principles we are able to supply a better product and service without compromising the ophthalmic integrity of the eyewear.
Over the years the production of eyewear has evolved making way for new styles and materials. Along with the evolution of eyeglasses and sunglasses comes the development of maintaining, modifying and fixing eyeglasses and sunglasses. Zent Technology houses the most sophisticated technology to fix or modify any eyeglass or sunglass frame that is physically repairable, including titanium. Through technology and experience Zent is able to produce repairs and modifications that are virtually unnoticeable. Feel free to navigate through our website or contact our office with any questions.

History and Development of Eyewear Frames

Since the invention of eyeglasses circa 1284 credited to Salvino D'Armante, eyeglasses have been refined through the years headed by functionality and fashion. With this push for the latest and greatest in eyewear, new materials and methods have evolved with the production process. Below are some methods used and a brief explanation when facing the different engineering factors of the different compositions of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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