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Eyeglass and Sunglass Lenses and Coatings

Lenses (See coatings below for scratched lenses)

Broken lenses should be considered irreparable. The only viable solution for a broken lens(es) is to be replaced. Depending on the extended use and type of lenses (mainly photo-chromatic i.e. Transitions) and tints, it is sometimes beneficial for the patient to replace both lenses to avoid a mismatch in aesthetic appearance.

When it comes to lenses there is a few things to look for that may be causing other problems. An oversized lens is commonly overlooked and may be the problem when analyzing broken screws, barrels and overstretched broken plastic frames. Oversized lenses may need to be trimmed down by hand on a finishing wheel.


Coatings on the lens are a common cause and remedy for scratched lenses. In this day and age with anti-reflective coatings commonly applied on lenses; most scratches occur on this coating. The most common method is submerging the lenses in a strong solvent (usually hydro-choleric acid based) to remove the coating from the lens. There is a risk of damaging the lens(es) that should be conveyed to patients. Please note that the solution used is very hazardous and should not be taken lightly; professional handling is strongly advised. The anti-reflective coating can be reapplied after a successful removal process.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that there is no scratch proof lens. All lenses will scratch with extreme use and elements, even glass lenses. It is also important to note that there is no remedy for a deep scratch(s) in a lens. Buffing (polishing) lenses creates aberrations on lenses and may alter prescriptions or create prescription on lenses.

Comfort and necessity are a key factor when it comes to eyewear. Now if you consider fashion and special needs some eyeglasses and/or sunglasses may have to be modified to accommodate some personal needs and/or preferences creating a comfortable eyewear. Below are some categories, which describe the details of each respective modification